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Unfortunately, that is massively disappointing for the Deaf football to see like that, but we will work together to find a way to change that. At the moment, EDF is stuck with that since the rules have been changed again recently from the UEFA. 

If your club, players and fans wish to share any issue/concern/view, please let me know by emailing me on headofcompetitions@englanddeaffootball.co.uk and I always will be happy to pass it to the FA, to allow FA to collect all the evidence to pass to the UEFA at their next meeting. Hopefully that will influence change the rules to give more opportunity for Deaf football to expand in the future. 

We are aware that we all may see some upsetting players/clubs, but again please make sure all are fully aware the decision does not come from the EDF. 

To reassure you all – EDF will work on it with England FA, SDFA, Scottish FA and other appropriate governor bodies. EDF is still liaising with the FA to explore further into that. 

For non-England resident players who are playing for your club – your club MUST let EDF know about that and your player shall complete the international clearance from the FA. The FA and EDF may request for proof. If there may be an issue, please talk to me directly on headofcompetitions@englanddeaffootball.co.uk. I strongly not advise your club to ignore/hide with that, as if your player gets caught by the FA, there will be serious consequences from the FA to the player and your club. 

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  1. I am so annoyed with this and it is all wrongs and shambolic.
    Looked at Swansea and Cardiff history in professional. Let jogging their memories ( fa ,SFA and UEFA ) for examples Daniel James played in English premiership league for Swansea FC where he played for Wales international! I sincerely hope they will reconsideration and remember deaf communities are very smaller and more suffering with all rules. Mental health issues are top priority for all disabled. Thank you

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