EDF Youth Tournament

Saturday 6th April 2019

The tournament was held all the afternoon at DW Sports, Derby with over 300 people attendance our first tournament by EDF with a support National Deaf Children Society (NDSC) including its provided signer.

Sixteen (16) deaf youth teams together entered from as far away Newcastle United Foundation, Blanche Neville School (London), Charlton Athletic, Peterborough United, St Albans City Youth, Farsley Celtic and Derby Deaf Youth.

The tournament for Under 10, Under 13 and Under 16 were once again a great success with 16 deaf youth teams battling it out on Pitch One and Pitch two.

John Alkinson was our guest of honor with the leader of EDF Youth organisation, John Litherland.

The afternoon results was were as follows:

Under 10

Farsley Celtic 4-3 St Albans
Birmingham 0-3 Derby
Derby 6-1 Farsley Celtic
St Albans 4-3 Birmingham
Farsley Celtic 1-2 Birmingham
St Albans 0-2 Derby
St Albans 1-0 Farsley Celtic
Derby 5-1 Birmingham
Farsley Celtic 0-3 Derby
Birmingham 1-3 St Albans
Birmingham 1-3 Farsley Celtic
Derby 2-1 St Albans

EDF Youth Tournament – Under 10 Winner: Derby Deaf Youth

Under 13

Newcastle 1-4 Charlton A
St Albans 2-0 Derby A
Charlton B 2-2 Derby B
Peterborough 4-0 Farsley Celtic
Derby A 1-3 Derby B
Newcastle 5-0 Peterborough
Charlton A 1-1 Farsley Celtic
Charlton B 1-0 St Albans
Derby B 1-4 Peterborough
Newcastle 1-0 Derby A
Charlton B 1-1 Farsley Celtic
St Albans 0-2 Charlton A
Newcastle 1-2 Derby B
Farsley Celtic 0-4 St Albans
Charlton A 6-0 Derby A
Peterborough 4-1 Carlton B
St Albans 0-1 Newcastle
Farsley Celtic 5-0 Derby B
Peterborough 1-1 Charlton A
Derby A 1-3 Charlton B
Newcastle 1-5 Farsley Celtic
Derby B 2-1 St Albans
Charlton A 3-0 Charlton B
Derby A 1-3 Peterborough
Derby B 1-5 Charlton A
Newcastle 0-2 Charlton B
Derby A 0-5 Farsley Celtic
Peterborough 3-2 St Albans

EDF Youth Tournament 2019 – Under 13 Winner: Peterborough United

Under 16

Charlton A 0-2 Derby
Charlton B 3-4 Peterborough
Derby 0-4 Blanche Nevile
Peterborough 3-3 Charlton A
Blanche Nevile 0-3 Charlton B
Derby 0-1 Peterborough
Blanche Nevile 0-3 Charlton A
Charlton B 2-3 Derby
Peterborough 1-0 Blanche Nevile
Charlton B 3-2 Charlton A

EDF Youth Tournament 2019 – Under 16 Winner: Charlton A

We, England Deaf Football, is very grateful to its individual team managers, volunteers, friends, parents, referees, NDSC’s signer, Trophy Too’s trophies and medals, media for their support in making the tournament possible, and a special thank you for all of the teams that supported our tournament.