Volunteer Opportunity

England Deaf Football are looking for numbers of new volunteer roles to support the Deaf Football for 2019/20 as we continue to provide Deaf Football competitions for Deaf community. England Deaf Football is non-profit voluntary organisation, working to deliver Deaf Football competitions. We are looking for volunteers to support EDF with the following roles: –

1) General Secretary
2) Treasurer
3) Competitions Co-ordinator

All roles are entirely on voluntary basis; and there will be certain travel expenses provided where there is requirement to attend events to support England Deaf Football (Car-share will be encouraged).

For any expression of interests or queries related to the volunteer roles – please contact Oliver Eadsforth, General Secretary on edfsecretary@gmail.com.

We welcome and encourage the use of various communication methods, including FaceTime, WhatApp, email, video and face-to-face, to suit your preferred communication method. As these roles are voluntary, there are no requirement for interview – however we may consider carrying out one where there are many interests for particular role.

England Deaf Football is a Deaf-led organisation where British Sign Language (BSL) and Signed Supported English (SSE) are used as main communication method. We welcome any expression of interests who are not familiar with BSL/SSE and will support the use of BSL/SSE throughout the role. We thrive to be a diverse led volunteer organisation and welcome interests, particularly from women.

1) General Secretary

This is an exciting opportunity to take on an important role within Deaf Football – where you will be managing the future direction of England Deaf Football as we move into 2020.

This role is the heart of organisation and you will be expected to provide leadership for group of volunteers working to provide high standard football competitions for Deaf community, including youth football, Futsal and the men 11-a-side competitions.  General Secretary will be expected to:

  • Liaise with external stakeholders such as Football Association (FA), UK Deaf Sports (UKDS) and other organisations to gain potential funding opportunities to support the operational running of EDF, as well as align with FA development strategy, supporting increased participation in Deaf Football.
  • Lead a team of volunteers, providing coaching and support to achieve their potential of maintain the competitions and management of fixtures, results and correspondences with clubs.
  • Maintain full provision for running of Football service for Deaf community, including Sanction, Public Liability Insurance and any associated risk assessments for England Deaf Football and support with running of Whole Game Systems – which is mandatory requirement for affiliation with Football Association.
  • Take ownership for booking of semi-final and final venues, as well as supporting with Youth and Futsal competitions which requires cooperation organising with other members of EDF with full checklists to ensure full preparations takes place prior to all events.
  • Carry out any media related duties, including interviews and promoting EDF and Deaf Football.

General Secretary is expected to carry out their role home based – and there will be expected requirements to travel and will be encouraged to travel-share with other EDF committees to watch EDF matches throughout the season, as well as attending semi-finals and finals along with youth/futsal competitions.

2) Treasurer

This is an exciting role to lead the treasurer for England Deaf Football. The role will have the primary focus to manage accounting of all EDF including futsal, youth and men competitions. The treasurer role would fit perfectly for any person who has vast knowledge of book keeping and/or accounting management and be able to track income and expense throughout the season. This is exciting time to join England Deaf Football. The treasurer role will cover the following:

  • Lead EDF with management of accounting and prepare report showing income and expense which is to be kept updated throughout the season.
  • Assist EDF General Secretary with budget planning for events/championships and maintain tracking of income/expense throughout.
  • Work with EDF General Secretary to identify any opportunities relating with planning of events.
  • Liaise with Clubs Secretaries and other external organisations on balance and invoice including chasing outstanding payments/fines within shortest time possible.

There is no requirement for Treasurer to travel attending EDF events, with the role easily carried out at home-base, but there will be requirement to attend EDF meetings which are held every quarter throughout the year.

3) Competitions Co-ordinator 

This is an exciting role to support the Head of Competitions with the running of EDF competitions – which is going through expansion to cover the growing EDF League. The volunteer will be encouraged to:

  • Support with registrations of Players within EDF clubs and help manage transfer activities, ensuring all aspects of registration and transfer forms are correctly completed by clubs and players.
  • Deal with email queries or requests from Head of Competitions which involves any changes which may be required to be carried out to registration database.
  • Assist with update and completion of checklists for each match to ensure results, Team sheets, referee sheets are correctly completed, and any outstanding details are followed up with Club secretaries.
  • Assist with population and updating of Results and Fixtures on FA Whole Game and Full Time sites as well as managing EDF master registrations.
  • Deputise for Head of Competitions with any agreed tasks. There are certain flexibility around timing in carrying out tasks and results and fixtures are updated on Sundays/Mondays throughout the season, with registrations taking place between July-August in advance of new season