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New application pack for the new season 2022-23 is here!

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Transfer Window 2021/22 Latest…

Transfer Window
From 01/01/2022 00:01 to 31/01/2022 23:59

Updated as at 29th January 2022

Date of TransferName of PlayerFromTo
06/01/22Damian WoodBarnet DFCBradford City DFC
16/01/22Bryon Down Barnet DFC St John’s DFC
17/01/22Tommy Hobson Welling United DFC St John’s DFC
21/01/22David O’Dowd Washington DFC Carlisle City DFC
21/01/22Keiron HarrisBrighton & Hove ADFCSt Albans City DFC
25/01/22Corey Leighton Bristol City DFC Washington DFC
29/01/22Kevin OladimejiSt Albans City DFCFarsley Celtic DFC
NB: transfers shown above are confirmed as per paperwork completed by the club emailed to our Head of Competition, EDF.

Free Agents

Updated as at 31st January 2022

Date Signed UpName of PlayerTo
06/01/22Daniel WallerBarnet DFC
06/01/22Sam Kemp Barnet DFC
06/01/22James PaullBarnet DFC
06/01/22Emanuelis SilinskasWelling United DFC
06/01/22Daniel GubalaWelling United DFC
06/01/22Joel HarrisBradford City DFC
06/01/22Morgan BrownBradford City DFC
06/01/22Daniel JohnsonBradford City DFC
08/01/22Louis PerrinsBirmingham DFC
08/01/22Lewis MurrellCarlisle City DFC
08/01/22Connor HamiltonCarlisle City DFC
08/01/22Kyle FraserBradford City DFC
09/01/22Ellis McLean Barnet DFC
09/01/22John AtkinsonFarsley Celtic DFC
09/01/22Ravi Hundal Farsley Celtic DFC
16/01/22Adam LlewellynSt Albans City DFC
16/01/22Tom Collard Bristol City DFC
16/01/22Charles Hawes Bristol City DFC
16/01/22Cameron McKelvie-Warsop Bristol City DFC
16/01/22Andrew Coombes St John’s DFC
17/01/22Sammey AhmedBirmingham DFC
17/01/22Frankie Vaughan Bristol City DFC
17/01/22Mason Baird Washington DFC
17/01/22Steven Gaughan Washington DFC
17/01/22Rowan Dixon St John’s DFC
21/01/22Sam SpeirsCarlisle City DFC
21/01/22Dylan Roberts Washington DFC
21/01/22Max ZarinsExeter City DFC
21/01/22Maimoon ChowdhurySt Albans City DFC
21/01/22Emmanuel OlubiyiSt Albans City DFC
21/01/22Adam Llewellyn Barnet DFC
21/01/22Peter BishopBrighton & Hove ADFC
21/01/22Tom DenyerBrighton & Hove ADFC
21/01/22James RickfordBrighton & Hove ADFC
21/01/22Quadri Salami-RasheedBrighton & Hove ADFC
21/01/22Harry CarterBrighton & Hove ADFC
22/01/22Sam Kitchin Barnet DFC
22/01/22Philip Swift Barnet DFC
23/01/22Ryan BetchleyBirmingham DFC
23/01/22Andrew AllcockBirmingham DFC
23/01/22David MuirheadCarlisle City DFC
24/01/22Charlie Parker-FairbairnFarsley Celtic DFC
29/01/22Calum Thompson Washington DFC
29/01/22Harry Perry-LewisWelling United DFC
29/01/22Omar Elsaadi Bristol City DFC
31/01/22Gary Spotwood Bradford City DFC
31/01/22Reece McLellan Barnet DFC
31/01/22Ellis ThomasExeter City DFC

Players Released

Updated as at 31st January 2022

Date ReleasedName of PlayerFrom
06/01/22Adam LlewellynBarnet DFC
06/01/22Ben WatermanBarnet DFC
06/01/22Marcin SmigasiewiczWelling United DFC
06/01/22Matthew CallowayWelling United DFC
06/01/22Asad Mahmood Bradford City DFC
06/01/22Yasir Hussian Bradford City DFC
06/01/22Lewis Richardson Bradford City DFC
06/01/22Bradley Smith Bradford City DFC
06/01/22Jack Olivant Bradford City DFC
06/01/22Usama Nasir Bradford City DFC
06/01/22Lukeman Shah Bradford City DFC
06/01/22Eddie Siner Bradford City DFC
06/01/22Harvey WaldronCarlisle City DFC
06/01/22Thomas KhanCarlisle City DFC
06/01/22Dylan RixonCarlisle City DFC
06/01/22Ben PrinceCarlisle City DFC
06/01/22Archie BiggerstaffCarlisle City DFC
06/01/22Glenn CunninghamCarlisle City DFC
08/01/22Callum LindsayWashington DFC
08/01/22Ryan TanseyWashington DFC
08/01/22Jamal Jakeman Washington DFC
08/01/22Calum ThompsonBristol City DFC
08/01/22Alex Bovino Bristol City DFC
08/01/22Steven Gardiner Bristol City DFC
08/01/22Brinthan NanthabalanBarnet DFC
08/01/22Jack HottingerFarsley Celtic DFC
08/01/22Matt Royce Farsley Celtic DFC
08/01/22Henry Wainman Farsley Celtic DFC
09/01/22Samuel Kitchin Barnet DFC
16/01/22Ryan Dunn Washington DFC
16/01/22Robert Keegan Washington DFC
16/01/22Jordan Magnish Washington DFC
16/01/22Harry BoremanSt John’s DFC
16/01/22Alex Smith St John’s DFC
16/01/22Rowan Dixon St John’s DFC
17/01/22Cameron James-Phoenix St John’s DFC
21/01/22Safeer MajidBirmingham DFC
21/01/22Adam LlewellynSt Albans City DFC
21/01/22Omid KhanbabaeiSt Albans City DFC
21/01/22James GeorgeBrighton & Hove ADFC
21/01/22Joe JacksonBrighton & Hove ADFC
21/01/22Tom KentBrighton & Hove ADFC
22/01/22Keith McKoy Barnet DFC
22/01/22Matthew Powe Barnet DFC
29/01/22Louis Doneathy Washington DFC
29/01/22Jason Clellend Washington DFC
29/01/22Kevin WalkerWelling United DFC
29/01/22Jay PatelCarlisle City DFC
29/01/22Dimeji Wayne-Lock RaheemCarlisle City DFC
29/01/22Reuben LitherlandBirmingham DFC
29/01/22Abdi GeediBirmingham DFC
31/01/22Drew Bradshaw Barnet DFC
31/01/22Luke Bryant Barnet DFC
31/01/22Andrew Coombes St John’s DFC
31/01/22Rowan Dixon St John’s DFC
31/01/22William BrownWelling United DFC
31/01/22Cameron CockerillWelling United DFC

Volunteer Opportunity – Presenter

An amazing exciting opportunity for presenters!

We are looking for talented, confident presenter in front of the camera, able to facilitate the show with guests, got in-depth knowledge of Deaf football?

Could that be YOU!?

Read on to find out how to register your interest and be part of it!

EDF Statement – UEFA…

Unfortunately, that is massively disappointing for the Deaf football to see like that, but we will work together to find a way to change that. At the moment, EDF is stuck with that since the rules have been changed again recently from the UEFA. 

If your club, players and fans wish to share any issue/concern/view, please let me know by emailing me on and I always will be happy to pass it to the FA, to allow FA to collect all the evidence to pass to the UEFA at their next meeting. Hopefully that will influence change the rules to give more opportunity for Deaf football to expand in the future. 

We are aware that we all may see some upsetting players/clubs, but again please make sure all are fully aware the decision does not come from the EDF. 

To reassure you all – EDF will work on it with England FA, SDFA, Scottish FA and other appropriate governor bodies. EDF is still liaising with the FA to explore further into that. 

For non-England resident players who are playing for your club – your club MUST let EDF know about that and your player shall complete the international clearance from the FA. The FA and EDF may request for proof. If there may be an issue, please talk to me directly on I strongly not advise your club to ignore/hide with that, as if your player gets caught by the FA, there will be serious consequences from the FA to the player and your club.