About EDF

The Brief History of England Deaf Football

England Deaf Football was formally launched in June 2003 at Old Trafford, Manchester United FC – when the Chairperson, Andrew Scolding, announced the creation of new Deaf Football structure for Deaf people.

  • The Open Forum agreed to set up new competitions for both Men and Ladies, with the 1st round of EDF Men Cup taking place in October 2003. Doncaster College Deaf FC won the first men competition, beating Fulham Deaf FC in front of a crowd of over 100 people at Ludlow Town FC.
  • With numbers of volunteers working to ensure the smooth running of EDF since it launch – EDF is now in their 18th season, and continue to attract new cubs each year competing in the EDF Cup and Leagues.
  • Since its launch, EDF and the Deaf Football community have seen over hundred of Deaf matches being played across the country.
  • Other new clubs or newly formed clubs have joined EDF in the recent years, and these include AFC Darwen Deaf, Blackburn Rovers DFC, Bradford City DFC and Derby DFC.
  • In 2019, we have now extended from not only just football, we provide futsal competitions covering Men, Ladies and under 21.
  • Also in 2019, we provide youth competitions for the age category of under 10, under 13 and under 16.

To see EDF’s cup hall of honours, please click here.