EDF Letter for Season 2020/21

Dear Secretary,

Welcome to our new 2020/21 Season. This will be our 18th season of running Deaf football competitions.

Please see the following points, which you will need to be aware of: –

League Formats

The competition’s framework: –

North Division League
South Division League

North/South Leagues are best suited for teams who are looking to enable competitions with other Deaf teams throughout the season. We will be open to explore alternative league for those who would be keen to develop their club/squad during the season and may not be ready to compete in the North/South Leagues.

Top two of teams in both leagues will be go to semi-final and the winner in the final will be qualify for Deaf Champion League (DCL), runner up will be stand by. The place for the DCL will be approved via United Kingdom Deaf Sport (UKDS) and the England Deaf Football (EDF).

Deadline for Club Registration

It is important to be aware that the deadline for club registration for the EDF Challenge Cup and EDF North/South League Competitions has been set for 7th August 2020. If you have not entered your application form and paid the competition fees, your club WILL NOT be entered in the draw for the EDF Challenge Cup. The entry fee format has been amended for this season. Please read this carefully.

Entry fee for either EDF Challenge Cup or EDF League is set at £225 per team, and this INCLUDES registration of 25 players. This is one payment inclusive of one team in the cup or league and all 25 players are registered for one fee of £225 and for the matches in cup competition or league.

Entry fee for BOTH EDF Challenge Cup AND EDF League is set at £250 per team, and this INCLUDES registration of 25 players. This is one payment inclusive of one team in both cup and league and all 25 players are registered for one fee of £250 and for the matches in cup competition
and league.

Deadline for Player’s Registration

You will receive Players Registrations number/details from us, once you have completed your club application into the EDF Competition and/or EDF League and post the application back to us. The deadlines for players’ registration continue to be same from last season – please read this carefully – Clubs are able to register a maximum of 25 players and all players MUST be registered by 23rd August 2020.

All clubs MUST register their players AT LEAST 48 hours before the player is able to participate.

For example; if your club has registered 20 players at beginning of season, and in November 2020, they want to add 3 more players to registration; these 3 players’ names MUST be registered to EDF (EDF Registration Secretary) by AT LEAST 48 hours prior to match. These 3 players must
also have not been registered to any team during the season (free agent).

Once you reach 25 players on your club’s registration, you will not be able to remove or replace players, until the end of season (or during the transfer window).

Player Registration form must be completed correctly and clearly. Any mistakes/lack of details on the form will lead into the registration being incomplete.

Player’s Transfer

This is important that you read this.

Transfer Fee will remain the same at £15 per player. No registered players can be registered or transferred AFTER 23:59 on 23rd August 2020 until 1st January 2021.

The transfer window will open again between 00:01 on 1st January 2021 and 23:59 on 31st January 2021. No further transfer can take place after 23:59 on 31st January 2021. You are reminded to ensure the correct amount payment reaches us BEFORE the player is eligible to play; otherwise the transfer will be voided, and your club might be subjected to penalty.

Information Pack

This contains all the details you need to know for the new EDF season 2020/21. You are required to fill in these forms and return to us at EDF. (Email address supplied at bottom of this form, and you are encouraged to complete the forms electronically to reduce paper and postage).

We also attach the players’ registrations for your club. EDF Rules will be sent out to each clubs around 23rd August 2020. We are expected to make some updates to the Rules – as directed by FA. We will provide you with brief simple version of all the changes we have made.

A general reminder – please read the rules – and get in touch with us if you need any clarification. All clubs will be required to sign the rules to confirm they have received and adhere to the rules for the season.

Deposit – £100

EDF will request for £100 deposit from each clubs prior to commence of EDF competitions. The purpose of £100 deposit is purely for the purpose of making payments and transactions between clubs to EDF more streamlined and effective for everyone involved.

An example: Should a club need to pay for transfer fee of £15 during the season, the EDF will automatic deduct this from the £100 deposit and a receipt will be issued to club stating this – and at end of season, the club will receive £85 back.

EDF treasurer will keep all clubs up to date with the balance. You always can ask us for latest balance or any statement for your club. We will not provide you of other club’s balance or statement.

Clubs can pay for the £100 deposit with the application fee or pay this separately. We ask clubs making online payment to state your club name clearly on the bank transfer so EDF can recognise and acknowledge the payments.

Club Secretaries’ Responsibilities

We want to make this clear and firm – we will be communicating all important information and notices with all our Club Secretaries regularly and will not be making the communication via other form of social media – club secretaries must be the first contact to receive all information. It is
important to ensure you have provided correct secretary details and correct communication methods (i.e. email address and phone numbers).

Once all league clubs have submitted their entry – EDF will arrange fixtures for all league matches. ALL League matches will be played on the weekend of the football calendar, which are outlined on the fixtures. The fixtures are final and there will BE NO opportunities to amend/change the dates after the fixtures have been released.

This will allow clubs who are still participating in their hearing/other league to inform their fixtures in advance of the dates they are to participate in EDF League matches. These dates are to be fixed and we will schedule these fixtures in ourselves once all teams have confirmed their entry to the league for the new season 2020/2021.



EDF working closely with the FA to through the rules. The rules have been implemented to make sure the tournaments are smooth with enjoyment competition/tournament. We mind clubs, we are still in unpredicted situation of COVID-19, and there will be several guidance versions from
FA/County FA and Government which will be issued throughout the season.

EDF want to reinforce that all of our EDF officials are completely voluntary basis. All of EDF officials are committed and working to provide the opportunities to Deaf football as well as futsal, to play matches across in England.

EDF politely request all clubs, players, committee and the fans to respect to the EDF officials, FA officials (National and County FA, Referees, Linesmen, Lineswomen) and any other organisations which have regular liaison with EDF (i.e. UKDS, England International Deaf Team, Great Britain Deaf Football, camera crew, Deaf Sport Personality of the Year).

You may communicate via other clubs’ secretaries and EDF via email. That is strictly confidentiality and the email shall be stay in the email. EDF is happy for you to use email to raise with your club committee if it is relating to your club. EDF will not accept if your club share the email to other
people from yourself and your committee, this is not acceptable.

We are request you as club secretary to control your players, committees and fans. This is very clear this is club secretary’s responsibility. Your club being abuse to EDF officials, the FA or toward other clubs that participation in EDF will NOT be tolerated. That is applied to both of on pitch (i.e.
match day) and off pitch (i.e. social media).

Failure that would be result your club will be issue a fine or remove your players/clubs from EDF competitions (EDF have right to remove players/clubs EDF decision will be final.


EDF is fully aware that most of players who wish participate with futsal. As the FA make thing as a very clear that Football and Futsal is a separate sport. In previous, EDF keep receiving number of message from players that EDF should re-fixtures the match day because of futsal competition. We want to make this as very clear that EDF will not change the date due to futsal and you as club secretary, it is your responsible to make sure your player is aware of that.

EDF want reassure you that EDF always will try the best to change the fixture, but EDF can’t guarantee that will not clash with the futsal tournament/training, as these are normally scheduled in after EDF fixtures are released and International events/competitions usually takes priority over clubs competitions.


EDF communication channel will be stricter. The only one person able to communicate to EDF will be club secretary themselves. That will be through email. Communication via social media is not acceptable. If you prefer to communicate to EDF via British Sign Language, you can send an email to make an appointment with EDF official, so EDF official will arrange an agreed time for you. EDF would like to remind you that EDF officials are voluntary and they got their own commitment such as work and family. EDF politely asks you to respect that.

For video call – EDF officials may record the conversation for evidence purpose. Before EDF official start the record and they will asks you for your consent so they can start record before the conversation start. The copy of clip will NOT share to others but may pass to the FA if necessary. That is same applied to the email as in black/white.

To summarise…

The following papers are attached for your reading & sign some forms to returns to us at the EDF: –

  • EDF Club Entry form / Registration – (For your club to register and secure a place in the competition – by 7th August 2020)
  • EDF Club Players Registration – (For all your players’ registration/bulk registration – first deadline by 23rd August 2020)
  • EDF 2020/2021 Structure
  • EDF acknowledgement of the rules from EDF and the FA – (You willing to make sure your club to commit to follow and obey the rules that implement by EDF and the FA)

Should you have any questions, please do email me on: englanddeaffootball@gmail.com

Finally, I wish all clubs the very best of luck in your new season and we look forward to having your participation in the new season 2020/21.

Yours in Football,
Sean Noone
EDF Football Co-ordinator