Milton Keynes DFC

Club Details

  • EDF Competition 2022/2023: EDF Development League
  • FA Number: Y-B+B4846 (Berkshire and Buckinghamshire FA)
  • Secretary: Kelly Day (email: / Mobile: 07741 313 279)
  • Assistant Secretary: Sue Quinn (email:
  • Local League: BOBI Berks, Oxon, Bucks League
  • Home Team Colour Kits: Top: Red  Short: Red Socks: Red
  • Away Team Colour Kits: Top: TBC  Shorts: TBC  Socks: TBC
  • Home Ground:  TBC
  • Nominated day: Sundays

Club’s Secretary Administration – click here

Clubs’ Committees

  • Details to follow soon.
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Player List - MK Dons DFC (Cup Only Overall)

PlayerClubGoalsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesOwn Goals
engBUNTING DamianMilton Keynes DFC00000
engEASTON MichaelMilton Keynes DFC00000
engFRANCIS JakeMilton Keynes DFC00000
engGIDDENS ThomasMilton Keynes DFC00000
engHATHERLEY GavinMilton Keynes DFC00000
irnKHANBABAEI OmidMilton Keynes DFC00000
engLOVE DaleMilton Keynes DFC00000
engLOWE RobinMilton Keynes DFC00000
engMEYRICK ElliotMilton Keynes DFC00000
engNIEDZWIEDZKI NorbixMilton Keynes DFC00000
engPIELACHA RobertMilton Keynes DFC00000
engROWLEY DerekMilton Keynes DFC00000
engROWLEY OscarMilton Keynes DFC00000
engROWLEY OwenMilton Keynes DFC00000
engSEKOWSKI AdrianMilton Keynes DFC00000
engSIMSCK ErenMilton Keynes DFC00000
engTHOMAS EllisMilton Keynes DFC00000
engTIERNEY CallumMilton Keynes DFC00000