Birmingham Reserves DFC

  • EDF Competition 2018/2019: EDF North League / EDF Challenge Cup
  • FA Number: U-BIR5729 (Birmingham County FA)
  • Secretary: Guy Whieldon (email: / Mobile: 07788860473)
  • Assistant Secretary: Ryan Bletchley (email: / Mobile: 07538410119)
  • Manager team:
  • Coach:
  • Local League: Sandwell and Dudley Community League (Saturday afternoon)
  • Home Team Colour Kits: Top: Royal Blue  Short: Royal Blue  Socks: Royal Blue
  • Away Team Colour Kits: Top: Red  Short: Black  Socks: Black
  • Home Ground: The Pavilion, Moor Lane, Birmingham, B6 7AA. (Map)
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Player Lists - Birmingham Reserves DFC

PlayerClubGoalsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss RatioOwn Goals
engAHMED Sakil-00000.000.000.000
engALI EshanBirmingham Reserves DFC00030.000.00100.000
engHIBAB AminBirmingham Reserves DFC00010.000.00100.000
engMOHAMMED HusnainBirmingham Reserves DFC00000.000.000.000
engSALTEKIN AdbulBirmingham Reserves DFC00000.000.000.000
engSENAPTI HardeepBirmingham Reserves DFC00010.000.00100.000
engWOJNAR MarcinBirmingham Reserves DFC00000.000.000.000
engZIARAB IbraazBirmingham Reserves DFC00000.000.000.000