Birmingham Reserves DFC

  • EDF Competition 2018/2019: EDF North League / EDF Challenge Cup
  • FA Number: U-BIR5729 (Birmingham County FA)
  • Secretary: Guy Whieldon (email: / Mobile: 07788860473)
  • Assistant Secretary: Ryan Bletchley (email: / Mobile: 07538410119)
  • Manager team:
  • Coach:
  • Local League: Sandwell and Dudley Community League (Saturday afternoon)
  • Home Team Colour Kits: Top: Royal Blue  Short: Royal Blue  Socks: Royal Blue
  • Away Team Colour Kits: Top: Red  Short: Black  Socks: Black
  • Home Ground: The Pavilion, Moor Lane, Birmingham, B6 7AA. (Map)
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Player Lists - Birmingham Reserves DFC

PlayerClubGoalsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss RatioOwn Goals
engAHMED Sakil-00000.000.000.000
engALI EshanBirmingham Reserves DFC00030.000.00100.000
engHIBAB AminBirmingham Reserves DFC00010.000.00100.000
engKHAN ZaakerBirmingham Reserves DFC00010.000.00100.000
engMOHAMMED HusnainBirmingham Reserves DFC00000.000.000.000
engSALTEKIN AdbulBirmingham Reserves DFC00000.000.000.000
engSENAPTI HardeepBirmingham Reserves DFC00010.000.00100.000
engVAUGHAN SeanBirmingham Reserves DFC00010.000.00100.000
engWOJNAR MarcinBirmingham Reserves DFC00000.000.000.000
engZIARAB IbraazBirmingham Reserves DFC00000.000.000.000